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The new wave of ecological and sustainable hotels.  

hotels-ecological While some years prioritized the quantity to quality of tourist accommodation (no more to do large cities built from nothing on the Mediterranean coast), it seems that in recent years this trend has reversed. Now both restaurateurs and customers seek and offer accommodations, different, as is the case of green and sustainable hotels.

Increasing concern for the environment and conservation has led the hospitality industry to offer innovative places to spend the holidays. From cottages in the middle of landscapes of high biological interest to hotels that fuel burning heating the bones of olives . Anything goes if the ultimate goal is the environment.

In many cases the rural factor with the interior design, architecture and respect for the environment is combined, they are known as green and sustainable hotels. Such units have two clear objectives: first means collaborating with maintaining and promoting the biodiversity of the area where they are locked and the other guests feel comfortable.

New forms of tourism have also led to the search engines and Internet companies have had to adapt. Expedia is the case, it has decided to join this ecological trend filter incorporating a new advanced search to facilitate the choice of this type of accommodation in the portal.

Responsible tourism

As explains the director of marketing online travel agency, Llibert Argerich, "responsible tourism is a new form of tourism behavior," which has made ​​the agency has improved the resources available to "provide ecological awareness so our users "he says.

When choosing accommodation the agency itself recommends considering various aspects of ecological properties, which ultimately differ from each other. Among these differences it is in harmony with the environment, renewable energy , food, distance to major urban centers and leisure opportunities.