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GIVES SUSTAINABLE clothing or accessories!


GIVE an original and sustainable outfit!

Sometimes it can be very difficult to choose the perfect gift, however, it is something that every man or

Women of all ages have in common: the dress. We present some ideas to help you produce

give to that special person some clothes or a nice accessory that besides being a nice

surprise, it is environmentally friendly.

  1. A scarf is an excellent

All-weather accessory. Obséquiale with

one made ​​of fabric 100% natural.

  1. What girl does not love jewelry?

Bring it crazy with accessories

made from recycled materials and

natural materials!

  1. A bag is the best friend of all

woman, surprise that special someone

with a green bag.


  1. Vintage We never go out of style.

Get a beautiful dress and give it a

second use of that garment with history.


  1. Sandals are key players in

every woman's wardrobe. Give her

some environmentally friendly!

  1. Choose a hat made ​​under

fair trade standards.


  1. Do you want this guy to be the

life of the party? Give her glasses

made of bamboo or recycled wood.


  1. Whether for work or to go to the

school backpack made ​​with dyes

Organic is an excellent choice.


  1. Believe it or not, there Jean'S

made from recycled materials.

You will see that he / she will be fascinated / a with a

pants as well.

  1. If this big boy's athlete,

Look for him sports shoes

sustainable. You will love!