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Making an armchair with 2 pallets

This is a rustic idea to make a chair with only 2 pallets recycled. In this case, the pallets were purchased on a wholesale business that many pallets discarded each time it reaches new merchandise, and many of them have very good condition.

Particularly these pallets were not in an optimal state, because they were in the open for weeks and were affected by several rain and sun, but the end result worked and it was fun. Of course, the model can be improved, and published best models, this is only a sketch of chair, but very effective for those who want to build one in his backyard.

Materials needed:

  - Saw

- Hammer

- Nails

- Planing electrical and / or Lija (optional)

Step by step to make this "armchair-Palet"

The method is to assemble a pallet other. It goes step by step understanding this simple dynamic.

These are the two pallet, the pallet will call above 1 and below the pallet 2.

--- Palet- chair (1)

Serruchamos first two side tables pallet 1 from the middle. The part is not sawed the top of the chair where the back support.

--- Palet- chair (3)

--- Palet- chair (4)
Here we see the first side plank removed.

--- Palet- chair (5)

And here the two side boards removed.
--- Palet- chair (6)

Now on to the pallet 2, what we do is remove tables from Interas half, so they are side:

--- Palet- chair (7)


--- Palet- chair (8)


Here we see the pallet 2 with almost all internal tables removed. This will be the space where the assembled pallet 1.

Armchair palet- --- (9)

--- Palet- chair (10)

Palet 2 prepared:

--- Palet- chair (11)

We return to the pallet 1, which do now is remove the two central tables, that the tacos Palet 1 does not collide with the tables.

--- Palet- chair (12)

Withdrawals tables:

--- Palet- chair (13)
Well now we go with the assembly of pallets, but before that, we will proceed to cut diagonally side Palet central blocks of 1, so that when the blocks are assembled not collide with the boards of the pallet 2.

--- Palet- chair (16)
This is the side view of taco:

--- Palet- chair (17)
Cut diagonally cue as mentioned above:

--- Palet- chair (19)

--- Palet- chair (18)

  We're almost perfect! We now present two pallets. Palet 1 above, and Palet 2 below.

Next step is encastrar each other so that will become a "X":

--- Palet- chair (20)
Pallet assemblies:

--- Palet- chair (21)
Almost is taking shape, notice that both support their edges pallets on the floor. In this case we put some studs on the back of the pallet 2, to adjust the height.

--- Palet- chair (22)
Then you need to strengthen a little structure and if they have access to an electrical and / or planer Sandpaper, they can make that old pallet a slightly new and nice furniture.

--- Palet- chair (14)
The difficulty of the planer are nails, not disassemble the pallet for this can complicate since a protruding nail can break the machine. But these parts can be solved with sandpaper.

Here we see the difference of brushed old table and table:

--- Palet- chair (15)




You find it useful to do even better models!