The senses generate the notion of separation. Work your eyes, listen, remember ... and then the other one appears, that and that. It is necessary to break the dictatorship of the senses. It should be made clear that the world generated by the senses is not the ultimate reality.

Watch what happens when you sleep. The world disappears. The world disappears, your problems, the other, you. It is a blessing. Every day you have the opportunity to "disappear". If that were not possible, three days would be sufficient for a collapse of the system. The few hours of sound freed you from false reality, from false identity.

That is why it is difficult to wake up. When the alarm sounds, you would love that this is not happening. And that's where our conversation fits. Satsang proposes that you awaken to the fact that reality dictated by the senses is not your reality. In this sense, awakening becomes a delight. Life goes on inside you, there is nothing to fear and all the events are seen in a great distance, in the face of the whole observation that you are.

You constantly try to change people and situations around you the way you would like them to be. We all have this experience and know that success is rare, rather scarce. Notice that things rock and your well-being too. That is why I am pointing to what is well beyond the welfare, because welfare is dual, it passes and stops passing.

I would like you to see with your own eyes who you are - we will laugh together. In truth, we do not laugh together, we laugh laughing, we will be the same joy, indivisible.


Who is Satyaprem?
Satyaprem is a contemporary Zen Master who invokes people's awakening to their original nature through meetings (satsang) and intensive retreats (zero experience). Satyaprem is a Sanskrit name literally means love for truth.

What is the work of the master Satyaprem?
Who are you? It is the main focus of Satyaprem's work. Through an apparent conversation, he will take us to the investigation of questions that, without proper verification, are absorbed as truth and govern a limited life, responsible for the frustration in which humanity is found. His initial proposal is the investigation of certain misunderstandings that prevent us from recognizing who we really are. As a result, finally, there is direct experience, the so-called "zero point" - in quantum terms. Satyaprem's work has attracted countless people from all over the world at meetings called Satsang.

What is Satsang?
Satsang is a word that comes from Sanskrit and means literally encountered with the Truth. "Sat" is truth and "blood" is communion, it is community, it is a company. It is to be at the feet of the truth. What happens in satsang is that people are invited to set aside their minds and look inward in order to find oneself.

What is Zero Experience with Satyaprem?
It is a meeting to provoke the experience of non-experience, the "zero point". Where to transform or change is irrelevant and wrong, because you are the one you are looking for. It is to see reality as it is, where everything that is unreal (illusory) disappears. It is the truth as light, darkness as an illusion. It is to be, here-now, who you really are, beyond all the ideas, for the most beautiful or ugly they are. In the end, they are just ideas about "who you are". And you are not an idea, you are life in all its immensity and beauty. It is enough with the recognition in whole.

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