Useful yoga for our time is the one that includes the perspective of oppression to the most vulnerable people in the world: the earth

In our last installment we explore the possibility that yoga, when assimilated so completely with postmodernity, has lost some of its power. In no way is it possible to avoid the global conversation about the methods that will help us get out of the hole we are in.

Among those who participate in this conversation, the most loud are environmentalists: global warming, destructive consumerism, deforestation, destruction of maritime ecosystems, mass extinctions, harmful food industrialization. The catalog is long and catastrophic co. And then yoga arrives and is inserted with exible and relativistic ethics within the smorgasbord of options to improve the self, all within a comfortable consumption of middle class (and what follows).

It is clear that traditional social classes around the world have made their contribution to planetary destruction. But it is also very evident that the greatest destruction has come from rich countries. The ones we emulate with too much enthusiasm. It is in that context that yoga becomes useless. It is another article in the transformation of planet Earth.

If we reread with critical equanimity the foundational texts of yoga, we will find a lexical experience that tends towards the polite elegance, towards the apposition of the Anacoreta. At that time the gurus were the ancestors of the naked yogis, called sadus, who still populate northern India, in the Uttar Pradesh region. The naked yogis, the ascetic philosophers, had put into practice what was embodied in these foundational texts of yoga: in the Upanishads, in Patányali, in the Gita.

With their trunk immobility and passivity, they kept the conversation with the plant kingdom open. We do not even know when that transfer from the primal kingdom to the human kingdom arose, that methodical way of remembering our roots and our natural integration. We only know its immemorial effectiveness: the sadus that Alexander the Great met in the third century before our era are still there. The culture of yogis is so old that it has as its daughter another ancient culture: Chinese culture.

If you pass the philosophy of life of the sadus through the strobe or the sieve of dravidic thought, you have as a result the yoga useful for our time: contemporary postmodern yoga, yoga that includes the perspective of oppression to the most vulnerable people of world, to the true outcast: the same Earth.

It is a rule that the deepest submission is the ideological one, the one that seeks to identify itself with the conqueror, with the winner, with the capitalism that has given us so many beautiful results in its technology, that so cleverly has hidden the destructive cost of the dismantling of all Biological systems

The effective practice of deeper yoga, the yoga that follows, yoga chitta vritti nirodha,

If that nirodah is effective, it manages to stop the most ridiculous and harmful impulses of consumption that consume us. If we find that point, there we will discover what yoga was meant to hide. We will break down all this inevitable preamble abstraction in the details of the next two installments.