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We have 24 confirming it ... When geometric and chromatic patterns are applied 'simultaneously', our whole Being is ordered, revolutionized, balanced, mutated, peace and psycho-emotional harmony appear, the natural power of our spiritual essence expands, we understand better the processes or alterations and take advantage as a fuel for personal growth, to transcend obsolete memories and codes ... Geocromotherapy is considered today as a great tool within the framework of integrative and spiritual medicine. The human being in its complexity, has been found to be 'reactive' to the sacred geometry and the colors of light and responds immediately to those great values ​​beyond the visible nature.

Naturally there is a previous energetic and psychic test, which the trained therapists have learned to perform impartially and evenly. We make a personalized test of the healing archetypes suitable for each individual (a synergic pack of soul, psyche, energy, matter and environment) a check of the guidelines or codes that you need 'now' to re-program cellular, energy and psyche behaviors psychic From this subtle and deep test, it is only a matter of projecting within that interior the determined formula of ARQUETIPOS GEOCROM, and we do it through the chakras and acupuncture points, those subtle doors that relate our different bodies or planes. The archetypes of geometry and color vibrate as new frequencies or codes within our being, and large and immediate changes are perceived in our life, our relationships and our state of health and fulfillment.

The GEOCROM Method, and its 77 different archetypes, has several work applications; one of them is using Essences of Sea Water, coded with geometry and color, being an ideal alternative to Bach flowers, especially because the codes of geometry and light work on the causes of the alterations. Another great application of Geocrom archetypes is to treat, correct or enhance our habitat or living space, which so many times psycho-energetically alters us.

Professional training and workshops are facilitated by Marta Povo, developer of the method since 1994, generally at her center of therapies and pedagogy CSIS · Jardín, near Caldes de Montbui, or at the Geocrom Institute of Barcelona (el Born). We recommend reading one of her 20 published books, and full attention to the specific programs of her different and enriching formations, as well as her personal therapies, counseling and guided meditations, all a great legacy that she has prepared decades ago for facilitate the evolution of human consciousness at this crucial stage of transformation.

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