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ORGONOMY In this article, after an approximation of the organic energy of Wilhelm Reich, it is exposed how the vitality of a person can be determined through the aura of his blood.



In this article, after an approximation of the orgone energy of Wilhelm Reich, it is exposed how the vitality of a person can be determined through the aura of his blood.

Orgonomy is the science that deals with the study of cosmic orgone energy, the primordial energy of the living and an integral part of all Nature, from microscopic particles to the largest galaxies. It is a primary, preatomic, pulsating energy , protoplamática and antigravitacional from which evolves the life, the intelligence, the thought and the human emotions.

The Austrian Wilhem Reich (1897-1957) was the forerunner of the study of orgone energy. As a student of Sigmund Freud, he started from the science of psychoanalysis to relate later the connections between psychosomatic diseases and blockages of energy in the body. His studies led him to note that by dissolving the somatic tensions in the course of psychotherapy, the psychic tensions dissolved at the same time. From this he hypothesized that the neuromuscular tensions (the armor) were capable of producing numerous nervous and organic symptoms.

Wilhelm Reich was the first psychoanalyst to combine biophysical techniques with verbal techniques established in psychotherapy. His analytical, somatic and emotional approaches were the inspiration for most of the corporal techniques and therapies published today, among them Bioenergetics and Gelsalt, to mention two of the best known.

By attending to his many patients during his role as first assistant at the polyclinic founded by Freud and then as deputy director of it, Reich observed that during the treatments, many patients repeatedly pointed out to their doctors that by relaxing their tensions they perceived a Clear way some vegetative currents in your body. From that point on, he verified how emotional and physical health ultimately depends on how the human organism handles its sexual impulses and that the key that regulates the function of the body's metabolism is the function of orgasm: the total discharge of the sexual energy.

All these clinical observations led him to conclude that the sexual energy is congested in the muscular and characteristic armor (our character) as if we created some taps or barriers that block the flow of our energy. When this energy is blocked, the disease appears in all its expressions.

After many years of research, Reich came to the conclusion that there is a unique energy that is experienced as bodily sensations, interchanged in sexual relationships, generates animal and plant life and that is the basis for the primary physical process in the creation of the cosmos. In studying the hurricanes, the aurora borealis, the formation of the storms, he found that all this came from the cosmic superimposition. He was one of the pioneers who considered the planet Earth as a living organism, just as the Gaia hypothesis does.

Reich found that this preatomic energy has different physical characteristics and new to the official science. For example, it contradicts the second law of thermodynamics and is radically opposed to secondary energies, such as nuclear energy or electromagnetic energy.

Hundreds of thinkers and researchers have approached this universal primordial energy. Human thought has called it Prana in India, Chi in China, and God in the West. Reich named this primordial energy with the name of Orgon, for its manifestations in the organism called the science that studies Orgonomy.

The odic force, the "hormone" of Aristotle, the life force, the magnetism of Mesmer, the Elan Vital, the libido of Freud, the great Spirit, the Energy of Acupuncture, Homeopathy (Water Structuring Energy), the flower essences of Bach, the Astrophysical force, the Ether, the Plasma, the Kirlian effect, the morphogenic field, the fractals, the electrodynamic field, the shif network of the radio telescopes, are diverse expressions of this primordial energy.

The Reich Reich blood test discovered the orgone energy in crops of what he called radiant bions from the oceanic sand he was experimenting with. He found that each substance alive and not alive when it disintegrates when placed in the glow is broken into corpuscles called "bions", which are vesicles or "bundles" of concentrated energy. Observing these bios with the microscope, after several weeks, Reich suffered a conjunctivitis and when taking the tubes containing the cultures of these bions, he noticed a sensation of heat and itching.

As the vehicle of life, human blood is the most dynamic tissue in the body: it is constantly renewing itself. Reich thought that the blood cell (the red blood cell) was a microscopic orgonotic (energetic) system. The examination of the blood cells in a live state gives us, therefore, information about the energetic state of the person in question. In other words, through this examination of vitality we can know its capacity to maintain and regulate the bioenergetic charge.

In vigorous cells, belonging to a healthy organism, there is enough energy and you can observe the orgonomic field (which corresponds to the aura) which is bright, pulsatile, the blue-white color. It is the expression of the orgonic energy of the cell. The cells of a lower energy level, that is to say, potentially sick people, collapse, appearing bluish bluish formations like a pearl necklace and with the less bright and poorer orgonomic field, in which the aura is disappearing.

The diseased organism quickly loses its energy, its cells begin to wrinkle, to collapse and finally lose their luminosity. In other words, the tension, the life, the energy of a weakened cell is not as great as that of a healthy cell.

As a general rule, when a patient arrives at a clinic of Orgonomic Medicine, one of the parameters that are first determined is the energy level of his body through a drop of blood; that is, its orgonomic load is observed for diagnosis and future treatment. The Reich Blood Test (RRT) is also used for prevention purposes, both in normal and sick people, whether adults, children or pregnant women, in addition to knowing how medicines and naturopathic treatments act in the human organism.

The implementation of the TSR is simple, but the value of the diagnosis is incalculable. For example, a person may be healthy, but their blood will reveal a lot about it. It must be taken into account that live blood is examined, without staining or fixing, as is done in clinical blood tests. With this methodology we know its potential to get sick, its energy status, the degree of contamination of the blood by secondary energies (fluorescent devices, shortwave, radar, computers, X-rays, nuclear energy, etc.), as well as its own energetic capacity: its vitality and its "future" as a living organism.

Contrary to Freud, who was a pessimist and who made it clear that in the face of the "death instinct" nothing could be done about it, Reich was more optimistic. He did not have time to explain why the human being wanted to leave earthly paradise and turned against himself, but left in his books the story of the experiences. Wilhem Reich is one more scientist of this century than of the last century, since his findings could not be attended to by his generation, which considered him a visionary, nor by the following ones. Reich represents the archetype of the advanced explorer to the future who tries to emerge from his own chrysalis.

Carles Frigola is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and graduated in Community Mental Health at the Travistock Clinic in London. Likewise, he is a member of the Wilhem Reich Foundation, an associate member of the American College orgonomy and editor of the Orgonomic Sciences magazine.

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