The Missing Orange

Laia was 23 years old when she began to feel discomfort in her ventral part, more painful menstruation, more marked changes in mood ...

Everything made sense when he decided to make a gynecological review and diagnosed a myoma uterus. That is a benign tumor 6 cm in diameter.

"It's like having an orange in your belly" he imagined.

They were controlling and measuring it often to make sure it was not converted into a melon, because that would mean they should operate it to extract it.

Laia was eager to be a mother and felt uneasy about the possibility of having difficulty getting it.

But after some time, he knew he was pregnant. An emotion between euphoria and alertness invaded her during pregnancy. It was not easy at first but, little by little, he became accustomed to the feeling of having a daughter in the belly + an orange.

I could perfectly see how that balloon-shaped attachment was superimposed on her stupendous pregnant belly every time she stretched out of her belly, so she decided to love her as well as her daughter who had to come to the world , to make caresses and to speak to him sweetly.

Laia had a precious daughter who filled her with love and generosity, but the orange kept her belly.

The feelings of discomfort continued and the orange grew.

Laia asked why she had come to her belly and why she was still there. But he did not receive a convincing answer. No one gave him any solution. He had just hit the lottery.

Until one day like any other, while licking his little girl and sharing a pleasant time with other disoriented and happy mothers like her, he had the courage to explain what had hitherto been silent.

«I have a uterine myoma and I am afraid it will continue to grow»

He felt relieved to be able to express what he had so long burned inside him and felt the warmth of the people who accompanied him until someone asked him a question that brought him back: " When did you refuse to be mother? »

« What? How, Joooo, refuse to be a mother? »Laia looked with a few glowing eyes at the person from whom she had apparently left that question apparently out of place. He made him feel angry and felt himself judged and despised.

How can some simple words create such a big earthquake?

Laia left that episode parked for a few days until she awoke swept away with a memory and understood it:

Everything started when he was a teenager, he was scared during a sexual relationship with his partner and felt the possibility of a pregnancy. And that was not the moment. He remembered the despair of thinking about how his life would change if he had a child and he remembered the rejection he felt before the idea of being a mother at that time.

The tears arose from the soul, intense, unbridled and deep. Inevitable and without strainer until it could be empty and, by itself, it went off between sores.

After another, there was a gynecological review and ... Surprise! The myoma had disappeared, there was only a small scar left. Maybe as a reminder of all the experience.

Faced with what seemed a miracle, the gynecologist could only say that it was a spontaneous remission he had not seen until then, but he found no reasonable cause.

Although Laia knew the truth about what had happened, it was hard to explain to some people, who had not finished believing it. They seemed too magical and mysterious.

Laia understood the functioning of healing, re-awakened in herself this ability and accompanying others in similar processes and has turned her into her profession.


Jury Virginia