2. The Tombarella of the small Siena.

Drawn to her small room, lived the small Siena, always protected and lovingly accompanied by her mother, Elena, who felt the most fortunate woman to be able to bring her third daughter to the world. This creature was part of her dream and vital project.

There was only one small drawback: Siena planned to be born with buttocks, her mother had already had a traumatic experience in the previous parts and was not prepared to go wrong again.

The concern of this mother was increasing, which made her investigate, read all the books that appeared for her life and look for all the ways to turn the situation.

His wish was that Siena could be born through a natural, respected and fully lived part. He talked with different specialists, he looked for the formula so that someone would assure him to be able to fulfill his desire, but by his history, everything aimed at a cesarean, possibly programmed.

The day that came to explain me, it was visibly affected, despite his attempts to maintain serenity.

I listened attentively to his personal history, related to the birth of his previous daughters. I could feel the fear of growing up that something did not go well and accompanied her until she saw her true fears.

With some help, he was able to contact Siena and keep a delightful conversation. He could afford to hear the fabulous being that he had inside him, his needs, concerns ... he accepted it in all its immensity and respected the decision of Siena to be born as she decided to do so. Awakening unconditional love reassured her, acquiring an unknown confidence for Elena.

This love-making conscience, my private conversation with Siena and the petition I gave him gave birth in a few days when, one evening, stretched and relaxed, Elena began to notice how Siena danced softly in her belly , he moved and rotated on himself, making a dumbbell.

That same night Siena transmitted the message of being fully prepared and could see it placed upside down. He could dream a happy, simple part, and a newly born Siena (dressed and all!).

After two days, on the visit with the midwife, they confirmed the change of position and ended up deactivating all the alarms, giving a shot to unexpected normality.

Shortly after, Siena was born in a part like what her mother had dreamed, but without dresses, eh? The link established between mother and daughter with the whole process was essential to undo fears, patterns and expectations and made possible a reality that, like so many other times, exceeds fiction.

At present, Siena is a happy, healthy, laughing girl and has a special charm, that everyone who approaches her, comes up with an innocent smile on her lips.