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Environmental health interests everyone, since we know that more than 90% of all cancers and tumors have environmental etiology (IARC). In particular, it concerns those affected by environmental diseases, as we have denounced in the Barcelona Manifesto (Domosalud 2008). Since we spend more than 80% of the time in closed environments, home, school or work, living in a healthy home or in a toxic house has special relevance in our health.

The Domobiótica introduces us to the basic concepts of bioconstruction, as a new constructive mode that respects nature and human health.

We can start right now, and we can do a lot for ourselves. Although many of the preventive measures, such as a biocompatible electrical network, require an expert, with simple precautions we can reduce pollution at home or at work. We can avoid living near important sources of pollution (transformers, high voltage, factories, nuclear, etc.), well known as harmful. But we can also pay attention to the small bulbs inside the house.

These precautions must be greater in the bedrooms, and in particular if there are pregnant women, children or the elderly in the house, which should be considered "sensitive public".

We can start by isolating noise and infrasound vibrations from the outside, using natural insulators such as cork, because the noise fatigue the immune system, in doing so we also improve the thermal insulation and save energy. And we can do acoustic conditioning of the interior, to attenuate our own noises (conversations, children, etc.), with absorbent coatings of sound that avoid the annoying reverberations that multiply the echoes of the sound.

Chemical toxic
We can avoid artificial construction and decoration materials, such as fiberglass, plasterboard, pergo, formica, agglomerate, plastic paints, PVC, etc., that emit toxic particles, solvents, formaldehyde, dioxins, etc., and we can ask natural materials of bioconstruction.

We can reduce the use of synthetic chemicals, in particular cleaning and cleaning products, avoiding organochlorines and using soft chemistry, or even better natural products such as Marseille soap.

We can improve the ventilation of the house, renewing the fresh air, and with asthmatic or allergic people install an air purifier with ionizer, generating vital prana (anions).

We can avoid artificial insulation materials, which generate electrostatic, both in flooring and coatings of the house, as in clothing and footwear, using natural materials.

We can avoid staying near the magnetic fields of the microwave oven and the ceramic hob.

We can remove all electrical equipment from the head of the bed, such as a radio clock or a halogen lamp, because they carry a transformer.

We can also avoid or minimize the use of mobile phone, wireless, tablet, and prohibit their use by minors. And if we detect nearby telephony antennas, we can go to a specialist who performs the electromagnetic screening of the house's facade, to avoid the invasion of microwaves, starting with the windows.

We can enter the sun at home, with skylights and skylights, to fill the house with light and vitality. We can use full spectrum solar lights (fullspectrum), a light with all the colors of the sun.

We can avoid bright spotlights, such as halogens, that dazzle and emit magnetic fields, and especially we can avoid LED diodes, which damage the retina.

We can observe where our dog sleeps, to avoid sleeping on a geopathy, like a current of underground water.

We can orient the bed with the head to the magnetic North, to rest better.

Environmental hygiene
We can also take the sun daily, eat healthy food and spend as much time as possible in contact with nature, because when sunbathing, breathing fresh air and drinking spring water we detoxify, and just step on the grass or the sand on the beach we discharge the body's electricity.

Distance training.
And if we do not find in our city the expert in domotherapy to build a white habitat, with certification of the White Area Domosalud, we can start studying, because the Summer Course'19 CASA SANA OR CASA ENFERMA is taught remotely (online), in modules accessible to all audiences, and surely is the best health investment we can make to achieve a House of Zero Pollution.

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