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Organic Food Iberia - The new international fair for professionals in the organic sector of the Iberian Peninsula is pleased to welcome IFOAM EU, as the collaborating association in the launching of this great event at Ifema-Ferian in Madrid, the next 6 and 7 June 2019
The IFOAM, is the leading organization in legal advocacy and ecological advice at European level, and the ideal partner for this exciting fair whose main objective is to bring together the best organic companies of the Iberian Peninsula in an exciting event of two days full of networking activities, business, tastings and innovations, exclusive seminars and lectures, live cooking demonstrations and many more activities and notes with the most representative figures of the ecological world.
Eduardo Coco, director of IFOAM EU, and one of the more than 60 speakers at the fair comments: "Spain is a superpower in terms of organic production in Europe, and Organic Food Iberia is an unprecedented initiative that will positively contribute to unite the different agents involved in the ecological production and distribution chain, and to develop the ecological markets of Spain and Portugal. "
"I hope that this event encourages the recognition of the great role of ecological producers by the government administrations of Spain and Portugal for the economy and environments of these countries, and that they encourage and support their development. I am sure that Organic Food Iberia will facilitate cooperation among the members of the Peninsula and will favor a favorable environment for the growth of the number of IFOAM EU partners in these countries, so that we can corroborate the strength of the ecological movement in Europe. "
Couco will take part in the opening ceremony of Organic Food Iberia and will present together with Julia Lernoud of FiBL, the opening of the Organic Theater, where the latest international developments in food and organic farming will be shown.
IFOAM EU, together with Ecovalia and AgroBio, also plans to organize a meeting for its members at the fair to discuss hot topics, such as the current reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the implementation of the new EU ecological regulation.
For more information about IFOAM EU and its participation in Organic Food Iberia next month, read the full interview of Mr. Cuoco with Jim Manson, editor in chief of here: -interview-eduardo-cuoco-director-ifoam-eu.
To reflect the important support of the fair to the organic industry, its three seminar areas: the Organic Theater, the Kitchen Theater and the Eco Living & Beauty Theater, will feature a series of sessions led by the association.
The full list of speakers, to be announced next week, will include speakers from SOW - Spanish Organic Wines, ECOVALIA, AECOC (The association of manufacturers and distributors in Spain), AESECO - Association of Ecological Entrepreneurs and Supermarkets, Sustainable Restaurants Sustainable Restaurants) , Organic Denmark, NOC Sweden, Asociación Vida Sana, GRUPO ECOCERT-Spain, CAAE eco cosmetics, NATRUE, Carrefour Bio, Compass Group Intereco, FiBL - Organic Agriculture Research Institute, Euromonitor,, and, others.
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Organic Food Iberia, located next to Eco Living Iberia, will take place at Ifema-Feria de Madrid, next June 6 and 7. The fair will bring together almost 500 exhibiting companies that will showcase the best organic products from Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others.
It will also have peninsular pavilions such as: Andalusia, Valencia, Catalonia, Murcia, Galicia, Madrid, La Rioja, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Basque Country and Extremadura, Portugal Foods, Intereco and Ecovalia.

In addition, there will be outstanding areas that will not leave you indifferent: Organic Wine Iberia, the Innovation Zone and the Eco & Organic Iberia premise.
Plus, Organic Wine Iberia, the Innovation Zone, and the Organic & Eco Awards Iberia.

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