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Acupuncture is not a science, nor a pseudo-science, nor does it pretend to be it, since Acupuncture is prior to the concept "Science" itself. Science is still not 200 years old and Acupuncture as a healing technique, under the cover of Chinese classical or traditional medicine, is estimated to be about 5000 years old.
All attempts to make Acupuncture a science are modern, and forced by the fact that, in order to be recognized, it has been believed necessary to give it a science form or, as it is now called, of pseudo-science (who Has this paraulote been invented?)

Western society bases its "truth" on the scientific method, so that what is not scientifically demonstrable happens directly to be false, wrong, a scam ... so nothing has credibility until it is demonstrated (scientifically ) the opposite.
Classical Chinese medicine and its later variants have their reason of being in two philosophical concepts, Qi and Duality Yin-Yang, both pillars of the ancient Eastern worldview and which have no common denominator in Western thought.
If we become Cartesian, never, never, ever, can we give credibility to a "discipline, art, science ...", which has as its basis principles that are not recognized by Western rational thinking. But, are we really just that? We do not continue to have many gaps in knowledge and many unanswered questions? Do we fully satisfy our scientific model? What a stubborn desire to have scientific evidence of each and every one of our truths!
I have been acupuncture for a few years now, and now I no longer need any scientific proof! The results guarantee us, thousands of people ask us for treatment, they come to us when they have not found a solution in conventional medicine, and many (not all, of course!) find improvement, relief or healing, and also many times, Holistic medications provide an understanding of the mechanisms that have led them to become ill and therefore they are also preventative therapies. Our customers do not sell, they do not get tricked, people (lots of!) Are dealing with natural, alternative, complementary therapies (put them in the name you want!) So it works, nothing less.
This new "story" warning that "Pseudo-sciences" can interfere with conventional treatments, where does it arise? Is there not that there are interests behind? Because, where suddenly all this media alarm does not obey any social reality? To me, that I am a professional of acupuncture (and therefore, it directly interposes to me), it seems to me a witch hunts in the style of the Holy Inquisition. What this "story" contains, is a paternalistic speech to supposedly protect citizens from "suspected" scammers, charlatans who sell smoke and profit at the expense of ignorance of the population. It makes me want to treat us like this! The citizens to whom this message is addressed are adults, I think about you and, as I see it, it is totally offensive that we treat ourselves in this way to the media, which are ventured to be plural and independent. And, keep in mind! Because in this crusade against alternative therapies there is total consensus, I have not heard any political party raise the voice in favor of the freedom to decide how we want to take care of our health!
To finish this article and, in honor of the Taoist foundations, which is where the oldest Chinese Medicine is born, I give you this quote from Lao Tse:

«In the center of your being you have the answers; You know who you are and you know what you want »

Elisabet Robles
Consultations in Banyoles and in Girona