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The boundaries between each dosha are clear and subtle, dynamic and docile, it is better to start from scratch to bring your own balance

In Ayurveda nothing is forbidden, that's why I love this complex science, whose limits depend and start from each person. For example, the most basic: food, which currently generates confusion due to the mixture of trends between the vegan, vegetarian, Ayurvedic and celiac diet. Certainly the most important thing in life is the way we feed ourselves and Ayurveda offers personal solutions but you have to learn to understand them.

The main food is the breath, although it is also the way in which we can recognize the sufferings, the state of the mind, the way in which we live and precisely that information becomes the guideline to achieve balance in each moment. Then you realize that it is not about following a vata diet or avoiding the kapha, but instead learning to detect the original constitution, knowing what we have become to reach a state in equilibrium. To begin with, the doshas (energies that constitute us) are not stereotypes because it is common to perform a simple questionnaire to realize what is the predominant energy between vata, pitta and kapha, however, the science of Ayurveda transits between balance, imbalance and In addition, the essence must be found to create a dynamic balance that is changing, so the elementary is the self-observation, which leads to self-knowledge.

Aware that we have three doshas, it is worth noting that two predominate with very subtle borders that separate and unite them. The seasons of the year that are related to the doshas really have a presence that when coming into contact with many particular characteristics of the region in which we live, genetic inheritance or personal habits, have different influences. It is like the flowers that appear in the fields when it is their right time, in different climates and lands, so we must know how to move with the rhythms of nature without clinging to the permanent.

At this point it does not matter if we first find the imbalance, the essence or the points in equilibrium, but to avoid labeling a dosha or judging oneself or others when feeling that being a pitta is better than kapha or rejecting some of these aspects; on the contrary, it must be understood that everything forms the balance.

Many people aspire to obtain a tridosha result in the test, that is to say that the three energies appear in the same proportion, but it is no use knowing tridosha if the three are unbalanced.

The arrow points to discover the essence in each moment to reach the wisdom of your own body. By concentrating the first thing that happens is that we realize the dispersion in which we live, only then can we learn to use the senses, beginning by observing what we feed on.

Here is a plan to start from scratch:

  • When you wake up ask yourself: how do you wake up ?, did you see the sun ?, how is the temperature?
  • When you get up, check your feet, your posture, your joints, your mind, your tongue, your skin.
  • Throughout the day: notice your temperature, observe your waste in the bathroom.
  • Identify your illnesses and diseases, when they occur and if they depend on some factors.
  • Consider that healing will take as long as it took you to get sick, so do not want to run before walking, constant scanning will lead you to meet and discover yourself.