Breathing, in itself, does not generate a healing action because we do not use even half of our capacity. Attentive breathing can eliminate toxins to oxygenate cells

When we approach sexuality, we usually take the external side immediately, on how I make the other feel or how the other makes me feel. When we look at only one side, we lose the unified path of the energy field and of dual and total emanation. Sexuality is joy, however, how do we go to this experience? To answer this question, you have to understand the most essential and basic of every living being: breathe .

From the moment we are born the essential activation is: take breath of life. The achievement of going through the ring of fire that represents the threshold of the uterus is celebrated by breathing
next to the emotional liberation with sound. We have reached the incarnation. And what precedes that moment is the sexual encounter of our parents to sow and
gestate The sexual process is creative and requires elements such as fire (vitality), air thoughts and sounds), water (emotions and feelings) and earth (body and matter), alchemy to give.

If you pause, you realize that everything is woven, that sexuality is a great creative moment inside and outside of you. With attentive and conscious breathing practices, we delve into physical, emotional and mental spaces that were almost dead or asleep, as well as the subconscious.

In the same way, in the genitals and erogenous zones, basic or toxic sexuality recordings remain, or both, divided from the true process of joy that a unified and living body would represent.

To lead us to an experience of sacred and conscious sexuality, it will be essential to perform the inner alchemy that is done by
breathing deeply and unifiedly.

Let's get married inside to achieve a fuller and more awake external sexuality.


• Feel your body and visualize the natural duality that we are.
• Breathing soft and deep, recognize each duality: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and how this is all together.
• Visualize the double parts of your physical body and how to exist they are united and / or linked. Inside it is the same, identifiable ones, such as kidneys, ovaries, testicles.

Others are not obvious like every cell, glands, organs. This dual visualization will show you how what you think is not dual is connected to an opposite pair such as the mouth with the vagina, the liver with the uterus, and surprises as well.

• Now, keep discovering the duality of its essence.

• Inhale and exhale, soft and deep. Notice that the circulating energy in the 3 centers of your body (uterus-navel, center of chest and eyebrows), is continuous and spiral.

• Keep the moment and concentrate to finish and close this image in your heart.

• Inhale and exhale, soft and deep. physics, and you will discover the energy duality, you are designed in feminine and masculine, two complementary polarities.

• Visualize three points of concentration of the energy that ascends and descends through
of your body and visualize spirals from your legs and hands to the uterus-navel, from your legs and hands to the center of your chest, and from the legs and hands to the eyebrows.

• Inhale and exhale, soft and deep.

• With depth and smoothness, it contemplates the flow of energy that has been activated and allows the body to move spontaneously and freely.

• Inhale and exhale, soft, deep and free. Accompany this moment with music that helps you to introspect and with elements that make you perceive and relate a space with the sacred.