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Not everything that is said about organic foods is totally true, that's why the Mexican Organic Impulse team clarifies some of the most well-known myths.

The animal and vegetable foods that are raised, cultivated and processed without the use of chemical products, fertilizers or preservatives are considered organic. In recent years, its production and consumption has increased due to the spread of various beliefs or myths.

  1. They are respectful with the environment: Although it depends on the type of farm, the location and the care this myth is true. In reality, they do not pollute with artificial products and favor the conservation of the environment, but attention must be paid to the methods, in the region (not all products serve the same area) and in the rational use of each extra element.
  2. They are healthier: True and false. Definitely, foods that do not have industrial chemicals are less harmful, and in some cases, they can better preserve their nutrients than non-organic ones. However, studies are still limited and it has not been proven that they offer more benefits than others.
  3. They have a better taste: The taste of the products taken care of naturally is unique, without a doubt, better than that of those of industrial origin. Although during the preservation processes (drying, crystallization or smoking, among others) the characteristics are equalized.
  4. They are free of pesticides: False. In the case of organic fruits and vegetables they are 30% less likely to include pesticides, but they are not free; especially because, sometimes, they are irreplaceable.
  5. They are more expensive: The price of organic is almost double, compared to conventionally produced foods. This is because they adhere to fair trade, where the real cost of production and support to farmers are considered.

If you are concerned about giving your family the best, that they eat and consume products that do not harm the environment and that also have that unparalleled flavor of the natural, you have reached the indicated post.

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